Building on the values we have learned in our niche


We apply our abilities and experience.


Meet the objectives of our joint venture participants.



“… tailor joint venture opportunities meeting the exacting goals of all its participants.”


A few years ago, most of our team began looking for opportunities to supplement our income, build up our retirement funds, and potentially become a full-time endeavour. Quite by chance, six of our original group met while taking real estate seminars – a field all believed could meet our objectives.

We launched ourselves and tried to apply what we had learned – the first surprise was “we didn’t know what we didn’t know”! We quickly found out that what we had learned in the courses and seminars could only become successful through actually doing it. So we did and, yes we made some mistakes, learned from them and concluded that real estate could provide us with the opportunities to reach our goals. Since we were all doing this on a part-time basis, we believed we could be more successful by working together within a more formal business structure.


We had worked with a retired business executive who served as a coach, and by July 2014 we incorporated Grand River REI Inc., initially with seven principals – subsequently two chose to follow their own path. Our initial niche focussed on what is more commonly called “rent to own” – we call it Home Purchase Solutions.

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Simply stated, the values we strongly believe in and apply in all our entrepreneurial efforts are:

“Honesty – Integrity – Transparency”

Building on these values and what we have learned in our initial niche, we are now expanding using more creative approaches to buying and holding rental properties to achieve longer term sustainable growth.



Customized Joint Ventures

As real estate entrepreneurs, acquisition and ownership of properties is accomplished by creating customized joint ventures.

Property Acquisitions

One of the pearls of wisdom in real estate is that “you make your money in the buy”; Grand River strives to ensure the success of all participants.

Rental Properties

Grand River’s objective is to concentrate on buy-and-hold rental properties, ranging from single to multi-family properties.

Property Management

Effective property management is the difference between profits and losses in rental real estate.

Home Purchase Solutions

Grand River has modified the Rent to Own process which, while potentially reducing the number of qualified occupants, ensures a greater success rate.

Meetings and Social Events

Grand River prides itself on hosting meetup events to help invigorate a vibrant investor community .

Our Story

Our strategy is to employ innovative solutions for the joint ventures we form such that our clients, our joint venture participants, and Grand River all win, none at the expense of the others.

What We Do

Grand River is a team of real estate entrepreneurs – we apply our abilities and experience to successfully put real estate ventures together.


  • Helping families reach beyond the banks

    Finally, we would like to extend our deepest thanks for ‘saving’ our home for not only us, but our children. It is the only home they have ever known and have their friends close by which makes them happy...

    – Hamilton Client
  • Helping families understand credit

    We just wanted to say a quick 'thank you' for meeting with us last night regarding our credit bureaus. It was extremely informative to say the least, and quite an eye opening revelation. There was so much information, yet you did not make it overwhelming. You zeroed in on what required attention most and gave advice as how to move forward. You left us feeling better that things will improve...

    – Brantford Client


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