The three most important aspects of real estate are “location – location – location”. This a key requirement to be met when we search for a property. Ideally, we will find a property in a location that will maintain or improve its features; for example we prefer to choose in a growth area where people will want to reside. By “good bones”, we mean a property that is structurally and mechanically sound – once bought, we prefer not being faced with major expenses such as a new roof, or furnace/air conditioner replacement.

Grand River prefers to pass on a “perfect” property rather than pay over fair market, or where net operating income will not meet our objectives. Buying at too high a price immediately puts a strain on income and expense management. This tends to increase the difficulty of finding occupants ready to pay more than market rents, and could impact net proceeds, should it become necessary to sell.

Since the properties acquired will be occupied by someone other than ourselves, it is critical that the combination of location / size / price features is attractive to potential occupants. Owning a great property where it is a challenge to find responsible occupants is not a winning strategy.

Grand River targets having positive cash flow for all of its properties – this means that, after all expenses and mortgage payments have been made, there is cash remaining. It is only in this way that joint venture participants can participate in the income or return of capital, without the concern of contributing to a cash flow deficit.

While each property should be financially self-supporting, significant gains can be made through appreciation in value. Ideally, a property appreciation rate that exceeds inflation, will guarantee improved returns either because it will make it possible to withdraw equity from the property, or will result in a much better sale price upon disposition. Buying in the right location and the right price are key factors in achieving good appreciation.

For any number of reasons, there should always be a choice of exit strategies. One of these may be to sell a property and, to do so, the ability to easily turn over is critical. While selling price is important, demand is critical – this is one of the reasons that Grand River will generally not choose communities with less than 25,000 in population – the demand and turnover rate in smaller communities tends to be much lower, thereby putting pressure on the sale process both in terms of price and length of time on the market.


One of the pearls of wisdom in real estate is that “you make your money in the buy”; Grand River agrees with that. Our aim is to find properties to buy that meet the following criteria:

Good area and has good “bones” →
Price is below or at market value →
Attractive to potential occupants →
Generate positive cash flow →
Potential for appreciation →
Profitable and easy disposition →


Customized Joint Ventures

As real estate entrepreneurs, acquisition and ownership of properties is accomplished by creating customized joint ventures.

Property Acquisitions

One of the pearls of wisdom in real estate is that “you make your money in the buy”; Grand River strives to ensure the success of all participants.

Rental Properties

Grand River’s objective is to concentrate on buy-and-hold rental properties, ranging from single to multi-family properties.

Property Management

Effective property management is the difference between profits and losses in rental real estate.

Home Purchase Solutions

Grand River has modified the Rent to Own process which, while potentially reducing the number of qualified occupants, ensures a greater success rate.

Meetings and Social Events

Grand River prides itself on hosting meetup events to help invigorate a vibrant investor community .

Our Story

Our strategy is to employ innovative solutions for the joint ventures we form such that our clients, our joint venture participants, and Grand River all win, none at the expense of the others.

What We Do

Grand River is a team of real estate entrepreneurs – we apply our abilities and experience to successfully put real estate ventures together.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

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